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Private Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology is re-inventing the way we transact.

There are always doubts raised, when building a solution that is going to be stored outside of the Enterprise Channel of Operations, though however secure a solution. When Blockchain started to be discussed, similar apprehensions were raised as the Technology was only available on a Public Chain. This lead to development of Private Chains. As an early adopter of Hyperledger Blockchain Technology, we have explored the niche of Private and Public Blockchain thoroughly, and have gained expertise in crafting
scalable, and distributed applications as well as protocols. We are gradually employing Blockchain technology in all industries to disrupt them, and provide better control. We have been developing Proof of Concept (POC) for various possibilities for the different industries. With Private Blockchain App Development, we aim to empower organizations and decentralize their operations for transparency and operational efficiency.

Why Private Blockchain?

  • Decentralized peer-to-peer networks
  • Increased privacy due to members-only access
  • Stable and scalable
  • Protocol execution by invitation only
  • Maintenance of ledger through validation
  • Confidentiality in the transactions
  • Can share large amounts of data
  • Controlling organization operates the transaction
  • Includes KYC authentication leading to low-risk in transactions
  • Easy to customize
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How it works?

  • Sender Sender
  • Transaction Request Sent Transaction Request Sent
  • Sign Encrypt Sign (Encrypt)
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  • Verify (Decrypt) Verify (Decrypt)
  • Transaction Request Received Transaction Request Received
  • Receiver Receiver

The Private Blockchain is permission based, and requires authorization to initiate the network.

  • A Closed Protocol of Operations (Not open to all)
  • Only members are allowed to access the Blockchain
  • The controlling authority or organization will give away permissions to those who need to be included in the Blockchain network
  • There are various access levels and control levels available in the private Blockchain
The Private Blockchain is mostly used for Financial, Healthcare, eGovernance, Pharma as well as Legal solutions. The need for scalable and secure applications is higher in this segment.

How can we help?

  • Easy and customizable decentralized options
  • Technology expertise
  • Proof of Concept for the idea
  • Successful deployment of the solution
  • Complete customer support
  • Total maintenance and service support.
  • Developing over Hyperledger, a highly Trusted Blockchain in Private Networks.
  • Expertise in developing Blockchain as a Service solutions specifically Blockchain dapps


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