24 Industries That Blockchain Will Radically Transform

Blockchain technology may have been introduced through Cryptocurrency but, it goes way beyond this application. There are numerous uses for this technology in varied industries. The technology can be used for more than just as a medium for exchange or storage. Here we will discuss a total of 24 industries

The five architecture mistakes killing business Blockchain

Business Blockchain is not just changing how we conduct businesses, but also leveraging Blockchain for secure and well-defined business transactions. It is one of the most looked forward disruptive technologies of the modern world. The businesses in the manufacturing or the logistics or supply chain industry can not only transact

Blockchain myths busted

We are halfway through the year 2018, and still have our minds fogged with myths surrounding Blockchain. Despite posing numerous opportunities, we have limited the applications for the technology, thus inhibiting its potential. Here we will talk about some of the myths, and how they are not true. This should