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Demand for Blockchain Developers Touches Sky

  • 25 March 2019, Administrator
Development skills are already playing a key role in the market. Let’s say that if you are connected with IT services, you are on the right side of making a good career and obviously money. As technology grows you to have to develop new skills. And for sake, you to have to change with time. Yes, blockchain technology is booming. Companies like Facebook, Google, IBM are looking for blockchain expert to develop high-end software. And as of for you, learning or developing an extra skill is always the best the thing to do. Are you looking for a bright career then opt for blockchain development.

At present, blockchain developers are highly asked in the market. Thus, your skills are most likely to be hired with greater pay.

Demand for Blockchain Developers Touches Sky

Why Blockchain is in Demand?

As we all know the world is moving very fast forward in the information era, and to make the digital transaction more secure we require blockchain technology. A few years from now let imagine the scenario of the secure world and the role of the blockchain. I can’t imagine, how impotent it will be to control and secure the information. This is why blockchain developers for the app are in demand.
Blockchain creates an opportunity for you to be part of big companies and secure world, “be a superhero”.
And why not choose a blockchain?
As per Bitdegree, the full-time blockchain developers can earn up to $100,000 USD or more in one year. Every job seekers aim to get into big companies, are you passionate about working with MNC then here is your stand to work with big companies.

Resources for Blockchain

The dedicated blockchain developers are very limited. The demand for the blockchain has already exceeded the supply. This is one of the reasons why companies are paying more salaries in order to acquire experts. If we talk about the facts, according to UpWork, blockchain skills are the fastest growing and highly demanded. The report also states that demand is unstoppable.

As we see, blockchain is a trend, and when the new trends show up, you have to think about your presents skills. Will they be valuable in the future? I hope not. Are you ready to take an opportunity or you are waiting for your skills to collapse. It’s time for you to make decisions.
If we compare the pay side for freelancing blockchain developers and on demand blockchain developers, then you would see that on demand blockchain developers earn more.

Demand for Blockchain Developer

If we look for companies providing blockchain engineer, we would find many new companies in the market (startups mostly). As these companies realized the requirement and profit ratio of full-time blockchain developers. We would also find that companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM are investing a huge amount of money into blockchain projects. They comprehended the importance of developing a private network to secure the flow of information, especially for finical encounters.
As we see in the above pic, these requirements were posted by the IBM for the multiple openings. According to the Juniper Research, IBM requires 150+ blockchain experts for multiple ongoing projects.
As we have seen, an average salary of a blockchain expert is $120K per annum in the US. In countries like Switzerland and Gulf, the average salary of a developer is $100K per annum. The blockchain developers are highly paid than any other technologies.

An hourly based salary of a blockchain developer is $50 to $100 in the freelancing field. If you have a knowledge then you can earn good money by just consulting. One of the great ways to find freelancing work is by UpWork. All you have to do is pitch yourself right and you can take $50 to $100 per hour.
From start-up to MNC, we see continues growth and investment in the blockchain technology.


If you desire to earn much more than mention facts then I would suggest becoming an expert in the field. If you have skills that big companies can rely on then you can expect high-level companies to approach you. As long as we are then information era, you can keep a healthy career in the field. The innovation keeps coming up even in the blockchain Technology, so remember to keep yourself updated within the technology.


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