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How Blockchain Can Bridge the Gap Between Apps and dApps

  • 19 November 2018, Administrator
It is important to know and understand dApps before understanding how Blockchain can help bridge the gap between apps and dApps.

The digital tech era is at its peak with the emergence four major forces namely- Deep Learning, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT). With this great combination to work with, more data to learn from, and instances to move forward with, a new horizon in Technology is happening.

The dApps or decentralized apps are the modernized versions of apps, which work on the decentralized philosophy, as the name itself suggests. Post the creation of Bitcoin Blockchain Technology, the intuitive and self-governing dApps came into existence.

Before moving any further from here, it is important to understand what dApps are.

A Brief into dApps

It is a concept that is fully understood when you look into the features that dApps need to have.

  • The first and the most necessary feature of a dApp is the decentralization. This simply means that the records of the app operation as well as transactions that occur within the app are not centralized but, they are stored in a distributed public ledger. They run on Blockchain technology, which means they have no network hierarchy or central server and all the nodes within the network are treated as equal. The ledgers are accessible by all nodes.
  • An incentivized system allows the different nodes within the Blockchain to participate in the dApp. What does this mean? In a centralized structure, only one network or the hierarchy defined was responsible for the different app structures and the operations. But, in case of decentralization, you will need to rely on the different nodes to take up the duties of the centralized server. The Crypto tokens within the dApps are responsible for the transactions. They are also the incentive for participating in these apps
  • The source code of the dApps are easily available. There is no owner for these class of apps, which makes it open source and always available. There is an entire community collaborating to make the dApps completely operable.
  • The governance of the dApp is autonomous and the decision making is entirely based on consensus. You will need a working prototype of the dApp if you want consensus for the same. The decisions are entirely made based on the protocol and the basis is the cryptographic hashing protocol.
Now that you are aware of the concept, we can move ahead and define how the underlying Blockchain technology can remove the gaps that exist between apps and dapps.

The current issues in the app world

Apps have come a long way since they started out; however, they have not reached the peak they are supposed to up until now. On the other hand, the dApps are still in the nascent stage, and everyone is still trying to get aware of the way they work and the features they possess.

In case of apps, the users as well as developers are facing issues. Why?

  • Firstly, paid apps are not getting the attention they deserve. Not all users are happy about paying for the apps. This model does not seem to be working for the apps, if they want to generate revenue.
  • In case of the cloud-based model, the subscription fee is a way of earning money. However, this model is again not too favourable for the customers. The reason being the subscription model requires users to manage the subscriptions they have. They could have subscribed for different apps; remembering and managing it can become quite difficult.
  • As these apps are centralized, they may or may not integrate with other apps. So, even if you create millions of apps, the user is only going to use a handful and download just a bit more than needed on their phones.
These are issues for the apps. Let’s get on with the issues faced by dApps.

  • The first issue being they are new. This means fewer people actually know about them, and even fewer are aware of how to handle them. Most of them are intimidated by the dApps
  • The dApps basis is held by the crypto tokens. If there are multiple dApps on your phone, then you need to manage the crypto tokens for each of them, which is worse than managing the subscriptions
  • The current model and interfaces are not meant for the mainstream use. They need to go easy on users for better adoption

Blockchain bridges this gap

There is a major gap between apps and dApps, and there are issues too that each of them have. So, how do we reduce the gap and increase the adoption rate?

It is important to bring together decentralization and unity to a centralized dimension in order to close the gaps between apps and dapps.

Cardstack is the platform that aims to perform this part, as it breaks down the silos that exist in apps and improve the user experience across the decentralized infrastructure.

How does this work? Choose your favourite apps and the models that you favour and work on a mix n match method. The platform will contain the apps and the subscription as well as the management of the crypto tokens, so you won’t need to do anything about it. The platform generates a CARD token which is used to create the smart contracts between the users and the app. These tokens are then given to the developers based on the app usage.

This means, with a decentralized system, you won’t look into a fragmented system but, rather a system that thinks for the users and works in tandem with the developers.

The Cardstack platform empowers the users, causing more transactions and improving the usability of the dApps.


Blockchain bridges this gap It is time to exploit the potential of Blockchain and decentralize technology for better engagement and experiences. You will see more users on-board and better app revenue with the adoption of the technology.

If you are a tech enthusiast or want to learn more about Blockchain, you are more than welcome to drop in a mail. Our team will get back to you for discussions and idea validations.


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