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Marketing Tips for Blockchain Startups

  • 22 February 2019, Administrator
The Blockchain technology seems to have overwhelmed several industries and segments with its potential and capabilities. The constantly evolving technology has led to an increase in the number of Blockchain based startups that will enable this technology to enhance the efficiency and processes for the various organizations. From healthcare to insurance, the technology has an effective way of initiating the processes and enabling secure transactions.

Marketing Tips for Blockchain Startups

As a Blockchain startup, you need to publicize your potential and make sure your end product reaches the target. From building an active presence to marketing your product in the best possible ways, you will need to plan to make yourself visible to the end user’s eyes.
Here we will take you through the essential marketing tips that will help you brand your Blockchain startup and improve its visibility on launch.

Identify and deliver value

The ultimate aim of your startup should be to deliver value to the last mile users as well as the intermediaries. You need to identify the problem that can be solved using Blockchain and will ease the lives of the end users. The idea is to offer convenience and boost the conversions through your Blockchain solution. When marketing your startup, you need to highlight the problem you are solving, and how your startup has the best possible solution that can be offered.

ICO is one of the many options

A lot of Blockchain startups tend to market themselves using ICO. However, you need to remember that ICO is one of the many ways of identifying and marketing your startup. It is not the only way you can market. The ICOs are not only resource heavy but also quite expensive. If you have the kind of money, it makes great sense to promote it via ICO. Else, it it a good idea to opt for strategies that are cost-effective.

Start building a community presence

Before you launch your startup, you ought to build a strong presence in the community and have a bunch of followers. It is important you engage your target audience on the platforms such as Reddit, Twitter and Medium, in order to gauge their reaction and get their feedback. You can use the social media platforms to start building followers who will help you promote your startup better. Make sure you connect with people who are truly interested in your startup.

An effective email campaign

At this stage, right before the launch, you ought to run an Email marketing campaign. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies. By now you would have created a website, seeking subscribers for the same. You need to email to these subscribers and promote your brand. The email campaigns are effective post launch as well, in your brand building and visibility building exercises.

Retargeting is important

It is important that you retarget the customers or the potential you have acquired in order to keep them engaged. Send them messages that indicate the latest developments in your company. Send out latest news about Blockchain technology as well as Cryptocurrency. Connect with them on a regular basis with things they are interested in. This will keep them involved in your project, and they will identify with you when you launch your startup finally.

Press releases and PR activity

It is important to send out a press release stating the launch of your company. Stay involved with other PR activities too in order to keep up with the hype you have created around your company. The PR strategy should be planned for the post-launch stage as well for the best brand building exercise.


Marketing is an important aspect of launching your Blockchain startup, as it helps with increasing the visibility and promoting your brand. At Parity Chain, we help with converting your Blockchain idea into a fully defined startup and partner with you for both development and marketing. If you have an idea or wish to take this discussion further, connect with us via email or phone.


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