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Parity Chain is Partners with Credits to promote BlockChain Innovations

  • 07 March 2019, Administrator
Parity Chain is Partners with Credits to promote BlockChain Innovations

Credits has recently announced that Parity Chain is one among the new partners to implement its blockchain solutions. Yes, you heard it right Parity Chain, a Silver Touch Technologies Company, providing a vast range of services such as Blockchain Development, Node Hosting, Smart Contract, ICO, Wallet Service, and Mining Pool joined efforts with Credits to work on various innovations to facilitate BlockChain adoption.

Not only this, Parity Chain is focused on streamlining the processes, legislative practices, revolutionizing the eGovernance and setting the long-term results. Credits are an open BlockChain platform that comes with autonomous smart contracts with a public data registry. It offers outstanding transaction speed and can carry out millions of transactions per second.

Moreover, it helps developers create solutions build a wide range of applications connected with external data sources. Similarly, Parity Chain has formed a creative group of BlockChain developers that thrive the challenges with creating a decentralized application using its key principles. With a new release, you can start developing an application and use smart contracts with ease.

If you're looking to hire a team of BlockChain Developers to build your application and POC, then do connect with us and request a free consultation.


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