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The Skill sets required for a Blockchain Developer

  • 13 May 2019, Administrator
Skills for a Blockchain Developer

Cryptocurrency is in its best phase now, and there are so many people out there talking about it. However, the most important thing that people are ignoring here is the essential role of blockchain. There are around 28 million blockchain wallet users across the globe, and 69% of banks worldwide are involved in experimentation with permission blockchain. The blockchain is the heart of cryptocurrency which keeps everything intact. It is a governed ledger which cannot be manipulated at any cost. And these unique qualities related to blockchain development are the main reasons for its growing popularity.

Blockchain is the foremost of its kind of technology that has brought cryptocurrency into this world. This technology didn’t confine itself for just cryptocurrency. It has been used in a multitude of industries and known for its features. Another important feature that made even government bodies turn their heads towards it is the security it offers. The rise in demand of blockchain technology has, in turn, increased the demand for blockchain developers. The companies hire blockchain developer to build decentralized apps, involving complete transparency and supple engagement models.

Let’s explore the background of the skill-sets that you need to become a blockchain developer.

1. Not Required to Build Blockchain from the Scratch

Most of the people stay in a misconception that you should be capable of blockchain development right from its scratch. Building blockchain or blockchain app development is not easy and it requires some years of onsite experience.

There is a separate department that handles the development of blockchain. The one thing that you should concentrate here is how to build the apps around blockchain. The people who work on the blockchain technology can be classified into two categories -

  • Core blockchain developer and
  • Software blockchain developer
If you have enough idea of building software around blockchain, you can enter the blockchain field.

2. The Adaptability in Coding Languages

Even the blockchain technology requires coding to work. However, the important thing about this technology domain is that it doesn’t need a brand new or highly technical cryptocurrency programming language to be learned and applied for development.

The highly utilized coding language required in building blockchain comprises C++. Yes, you read it right. The blockchain development can be implemented with the assistance of C++ language. This programming language has a short learning curve, and it is easy for anyone to learn the language swiftly. The core of bitcoin is coded in C++ language so this helps in managing the bitcoin altogether.

There are cryptocurrency blockchains which utilize numerous programming languages. For example, etherum uses a mixture of C++, Java, Go Rust, JavaScript and more. It is better if you have a good grasp over at least two programming languages dealt at a time.

3. Learn Clear Perspective of Cryptography

The practical approach of blockchain development technology and cryptography is quite similar. You have to highly explore and understand how cryptography works for developing the code for blockchain. As cryptography is separated into diverse categories, you have everlasting potential to establish a distinctive blockchain. If you learn cryptography and how it can be put into practice all the way through programming, you will be able to adapt to the needed code as per the required perspective.

Security isn’t the only thing that you should be worried about because there is scalability too. As more users are coming onto the blockchain, it is essential to scale the blockchain to meet the requirements. If you design a complicated method, it will use more power when the user base increases.

The cryptography is a crux which determines the large part of your blockchain and its performance. You should design a blockchain that is simple, effective and efficient. There are more than 16,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, and you can learn from the other’s mistakes or improvise the one that is already in reality and successful.

4. Staying Updated is Must

Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology, and it is not easy for a person to predict how it changes. So it is essential for the developers to be updated from time to time. The companies also hire blockchain developer who is capable of observing and understanding the marketing trends.

Always put in efforts to understand the new techniques that are changing the industry. No one out there has a robust set of data that they can use to project the blockchain industry in the next ten years. It is so unpredictable, and you should be flexible enough to change as per the trends.

The AI and banking fields are going to use the blockchain in the future and designing something accordingly will surely aid you. Most of the businesses are past the testing phase of blockchain, and they are using functionalities of blockchain app development effectively now. Technology giants like Amazon, IBM, Facebook, and Microsoft have already started using the technology.

Moving Forward

The blockchain development is straightforward as there are tons of materials available online that you can use. The coding techniques and enough knowledge about the blockchain industry is something that matters most in this field.

You should be capable of programming at least in two languages. No matter which method you choose, this is the right time to get into this blockchain development, and you are going to get huge benefits in this process. You should be a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast first and a programmer next.

The companies hire blockchain developer with qualities as mentioned above; if you have these abilities, then you can enter into the field without any hassle. The main thing that matters here is your dedication and interest in the development.


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