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Node Hosting

Parity Chain offers node hosting services to manage and maintain Blockchain transactions over a PreSync Private Chain Network, thus securing your network with High Speed Deliverability. A complete infrastructure, high bandwidth availability and spare computing resources allow us to cater to your Blockchain development and monitoring needs with ease.

What is a full node?
Full nodes allow the users to download every block and transaction. The main purpose of having a full node active on your Blockchain is to manage the transactions seamlessly, without worrying about the privacy and security issues.

The node hosting services enables you to take advantage of the full node, and augment the transactions.

Benefits of using full node hosting

  • Security: Shifting to full node hosting will ensure maximum security for your transactions. There is no chance of tricking or accepting invalid transactions in this case
  • Network services: Filtering transactions, offering historical full blocks and transmitting new transactions are some of the network services that you can get with full node hosting
  • Privacy: If you shift to full node hosting, the information within the Blockchain network doesn’t get leaked. The servers understand the information that belongs to you, and separates them from other available information, thus ensuring complete privacy of the data

Why choose our node hosting services?

The Private Blockchain is permission based, and requires authorization to initiate the network.

  • We offer cost-effective hosting solutions
  • Our bandwidth is faster and performs better
  • We can handle heavy loads
  • 24/7 customer support available
  • Improved privacy and security within networks
  • Fast Transaction

If you want to improve privacy within your systems with our node hosting services, connect with us via email or phone. Our team will get back immediately to understand your needs.

NOTE: The Infrastructure is under development.

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