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Smart Contract Development

  • We understand the necessity of smart contract for any Blockchain ecosystem, We provide reliable & secure smart contracts for various private & Public Blockchain networks, Smart contract is most basic widely spread & accepted logic defining an application in Blockchain arsenal.
  • It not only replaces middle man but also decreases the turnaround time finding a global acceptance in banking & Fintech sector.
  • Establishment of STO or defining any logic in the system for an automated mechanism or building a customized decentralized application or any creation in Blockchain technology ecosystem, it can’t be devoid of smart contract.
Smart Contract Development

What are Smart Contracts ?

A smart contract is a computer code stored within a blockchain network.

They are self-executing and self-enforcing contracts developed using the Blockchain technology. They are virtual contracts encoded in Blockchain, which includes several sets of tasks that are automatically executed, as per the code. The organization and the client can keep a track of the agreement and the extent to which it has been fulfilled. The manipulation of the contract hosted over Blockchain network is near to impossible, hence there is complete transparency and full security.
  • The agreement is done between the two parties in the form of computer code and runs into the BlockChain. It is stored in a public database and cannot be changed as the individuals are anonymous, but the contact is public ledger.
  • The BlockChain processes smart contract transaction and later sent automatically without the interruption of the third party.
  • When the transactions happen then only the agreements are met. Regulators are used with BlockChain to understand the activity and to maintain the privacy of individual positions.

Real-world Applications of Smart Contracts

  • Transport Logistics Transport Logistics
  • Real Estate Real Estate
  • Warehousing Warehousing
  • Financial Transactions Financial Transactions
  • Banking Transactions Banking Transactions
  • Service Agreements Service Agreements
  • Fulfillment Services Fulfillment Services
  • Contractual Payments Contractual Payments
  • Investment & Payments Investment & Payments
  • Legal Agreements Legal Agreements
  • Delivery Network Delivery Network
  • Real Estate Lease Agreements

Benefits of Smart Contracts

  • BenefitsAutomated and Quick
  • BenefitsEasy and swift for payments and other financial transactions
  • BenefitsReliable and Secure
  • BenefitsSelf Executing, no intermediary needed
  • BenefitsEasy to manage and Impossible to tamper
  • BenefitsCost-effective
  • BenefitsDecentralized Execution
  • BenefitsCan be connected with multiple Systems for Trigger Setting.
  • BenefitsLow chances of failure
  • BenefitsMultiple Thread Execution.
  • BenefitsVery Low transactional risk
  • BenefitsZero Human Intervention

The Development Process

The Development Process
  • Project Understanding

    Discussing with the Stakeholders w.r.t Project Goals and Expectations.
  • Requirement Gathering

    Complete requirement analysis and identifying the business logic.
  • POC Development

    Develop a POC (Proof of Concept) for stakeholders to test and acquainted with.
  • Technical Design

    Design the flow diagrams, technical architecture as well as the definition document. Create the delivery milestones and the roadmap for the product.
  • MVP Development

    Develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and run it in the small peer group or a small set of internal users.
  • Product Maintenance

    Maintain the Product throughout the Product lifecycle.
  • Upgrades

    We keep building on the product to upgrade it as per the evolving business requirements and feedback from the Early Adopters at the initial stage and all users during later stages.
  • Deployment

    Once the MVP is complete and approved by the internal users or the peer group, we deploy the solution to the main network for Early Adopters to start using over a live dataset.
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Why Partner with Us? Why Partner with Us? Why Partner with Us? Why Partner with Us? Why Partner with Us? Why Partner with Us?
Why Partner with Us?

Why Partner with Us?

  • We deliver the smart contracts using a thorough process
  • Customized solutions with reduced costs
  • Reliable and secure transactions with our smart contracts
  • Successful delivery with complete quality
  • We deliver ultra-efficient workflows for the smart contract development
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